A Man In Parts - Desert Companion

By Scott Dickensheets

In which we create a collage portrait of collage artist Anthony Bondi, whose work once captured — and helped define — the Vegas zeitgeist... more

A Man In Parts

Anthony Bondi's Vegas Time Capsule - Las Vegas City Life

By Jenessa Kenway

We encounter a series of classic Vegas motels such as the Desert Inn or the Thunderbird, 1950s vehicles parked out front, women in period attire hailing cabs or walking by seeming to confirm a... more

Vegas Time Capsule

Artist Anthony Bondi's Postcards From Las Vegas - Las Vegas Weekly

By Kristen Peterson

Bondi turns cliché Vegas into elegant and thoughtful visual compositions with layers of depth... more

Postcards from Las Vegas

Man on Fire - Vegas Seven

By Pj Perez

Burning Man behind him, Anthony Bondi returns to the local gallery scene with back-to-back shows... more

Man On Fire